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July 18 : Reservation: Alauna
July 20 : Reservation: Hill
July 28 : Reservation: Reid

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The Cottonwood Metropolitan District was created in 1981 to maintain the dedicated park lands, install and maintain park amenities and maintain the landscaping along Jordan Road and Cottonwood Drive.

After the recent upgrade and replacement of the irrigation system, the Board has begun discussing the landscaping along the rights-of way. This discussion has been paused for one very basic reason – the Board is reluctant to spend upwards of one million dollars or more, to beautify the roadways and the eyesore of the fencing in the background.

The District is not authorized to maintain or replace fencing; it is the homeowner’s responsibility. We understand that there are homeowners who want to replace their fence but do not have the money to do so. That is why we are asking you, those who live in Cottonwood and drive these roads everyday to give permission for the District to replace the fencing along Jordan Road and Cottonwood Drive.

Please note that if you provide that permission, we will then need to contact each affected homeowner separately to obtain permission to access their property to replace the fence, all will need to agree for this to happen.

We are not asking for more money. We plan on paying for this just as we paid for the sprinkler system, the grounds, the pavilions and the paving of the parking lots, by being frugal and responsible with the tax dollars we receive.

To review the views for additional information, such as the fences that are under consideration replacement, the type of fencing that will be used and before and after photographs.

Feel free to contact the Board with any questions or better attend one of our Board meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month, except November and December. The meetings are at 7pm at 8334 Sandreed Circle.

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